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You’re amazing, You’re empowered, You’re ready to take on the world—but you might not always feel like it. Do you want to feel your best? Are you ready to discover the real you that’s been hidden for FAR too long? A boudoir session can help you with that, and these 8 tactics will allow you […]

Written by Shonda Hunter, guest blogger I’m 41 years old and have been through many storms in life, like most people, but we don’t talk about it. We talk about how our day was, or complain about what our spouse or child has done, but we never talk about the emotions that run through us […]

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to let self-care fall by the wayside. Luckily, the new year is closer than you think! This year, we are going to focus on ourselves. For real this time! Every year it’s the same old dance of saying we’re going to do something we […]

Written by Danielle Clark, guest blogger If I have learned anything in the last year, it is life is a journey with no destination. Setting mini and major goals, and achieving them, is the best feeling, but I have kept in mind these goals are not the end of my journey and I must continue […]

Feature Friday: Sasha Moore, Makeup Artist written by, Lacey Roy, freelance writer As bright as she is stunning, Sasha Moore is one of those women you want to grab coffee with and just listen to. With an understated yet classic style, Sasha’s heart is felt in every topic and subject spoken of. Whether laughing about […]

Love what you like the least. I take pride in encouraging my daughter to be confident and self- loving.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t learning from my example. There was so much I didn’t like about myself physically and I would often speak of my flaws.  “My legs are not feminine”, “my boobs are too big”, “I […]

About 10 months ago, I made myself a promise to get healthier. It was two weeks before my 39th birthday and I was drowning myself in a bag of chips, lamenting and waxing poetically about the last year of my 30’s. I looked at my not-quite-3 year old, a miracle child we never thought we […]

Booking a Bomshell Boudoir Shoot is a personal decision for every woman. If you’re considering it, chances are, you already have your own reasons. But there may also be some great reasons you haven’t yet considered. If you’re still on the fence about scheduling your bombshell boudoir shoot. Consider these key reasons for moving forward […]

guest blogger Karen Sawyer   Society makes us believe that we are only beautiful if we are the unhealthiest skinny with “perfect” looks. From models to TV shows, and to advertising, society portrays what beautiful “should be”. Society is wrong. We need to learn that beauty is more than the outward appearance. I grew up […]

Written by Lacey Roy   I laughed at my mom’s overly emotional responses to every stage of my life. I couldn’t stand the teary eyes and “that” look when I had a momentous occasion; I wanted her to be happy, not wistful for the baby I used to be. I needed her to be excited […]