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Feature Friday: Jess Hibbert written by Lacey Roy, freelance writer As kind as she is fierce, Jess’ genuinely beautiful smile and laugh is instantly a warm welcome. Through honest conversations and life lessons, Jess’ openness of her life journey and lessons are encouraging and inspirational.  Often seen in her favorite shirt “Boss Babe”, the first […]

Last week Bre spoke about getting out of the comfort zone, breaking the cycle and getting back on your feet! If you missed it, click here to go back! This is the final installment of her self growth series for September, thank you for reading! By Brianne Berlinski Part 3: When you’re on a high, […]

By Caity Bom We get a lot of emails asking what to do to prepare for a session or what to bring. In all honesty you don’t need much (though it wouldn’t hurt to stretch before you come 😉 ). If you come to your session with your head held high – confident that your […]

Last week Bre spoke about the impact of our past, and how that affects us now, if you missed it you can read it by clicking here! By Brianne Berlinski My self-care journey: do something out of your comfort zone. One thing that has helped me in the last year to become more myself is […]

By Caity Bom I get to meet a lot of beautiful, incredible, strong, inspiring, wonderful women through this dream job of mine. Many of them share their stories of how they have (or continue to) struggle with their body image. Most point out their “imperfect” areas. The ask me to cover them up, hide them, […]

A big welcome to our second guest blogger, Brianne! This month we are focusing on self growth, and we asked Brianne to write up some of her recent experiences, struggles, and successes with this. We have a truly vulnerable and thoughtful series of articles to share with you over the next three Thursdays! By Brianne […]

When Lacey walked into the studio in an oversized Armani t-shirt, her 13 year old son’s sweatpants and her coffee still in her hand, Lacey looked as terrified as excited. “I scheduled a session during ten minutes of confidence…I had seen photos Caitlyn had taken and they were all stunningly gorgeous. It seems like people […]

Written by Lacey Roy Belonging, self-worth, confidence…  OR         Transformation, happiness, new…         Through many years and decades, I have fallen prey to both groups. The first set of adjectives in relation to loving myself “as is.” My confidence expanding and constricting in relation to the numbers on the scale as I tried to convince […]

Seemingly quiet with an easy smile and a warm laugh that sounds like a hug feels, chatting on the front porch with her is perfect. With her guitar in her hands she is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful energy to match her smooth, strong voice and you can’t take your eyes off her.

This is a post that has been on my mind for a while. As I am moving into my 8th year of photographing women, there are a lot of things I have heard over and over again from clients as well as things I hear from fellow photographers. My hopes for this post is to […]