7 Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Session

Love is in the air—and that means this is the perfect time of year for a sexy photo shoot. Whether you’re putting together an album for someone special or just having a little fun for yourself, these seven ideas will help make your Valentine’s session absolutely spectacular.

Idea #1: Simple and Classic

When you’re planning a boudoir shoot for someone special in your life, your first inclination might be to go all out: all the important details that will help spark his interest and potentially create an inferno the next time you’re together. Sometimes, however, the power of suggestion and simplicity goes far beyond anything more obvious. Try out some simple, classic poses. Use neutral backgrounds and simple lingerie, a sexy gaze, or a come-hither smile to hint at your plans for later. In many cases, you’ll find that those simple elements are the best. They’ll allow you to see your beauty uncomplicated by any other elements, and keep the focus of the shoot right where it should be.

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Idea #2: Make a Suggestion for Something New

Do you intend to use your boudoir shoot as a gift for your significant other? Are you hoping to use it to help spice things up in the bedroom? Why not use your shoot as a suggestion as well as a gift? Use props or posing to hint at something new you might like to try in the bedroom with your significant other. You can accomplish a lot with a gentle suggestion—and it might just spark a conversation that will go beyond the photo album and allow you to enjoy something new with your partner.

west palm Syracuse boudoir photographer

Idea #3: Bring in Your Favorite Sleepwear

A boudoir shoot is the perfect excuse to go lingerie shopping and pick out something new—and I absolutely encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity! As you’re putting together your Valentine shoot, however, consider how the things you already own can make for an even more sexy and exciting shoot. Your partner loves it when you come to bed in that special outfit, whether it’s fancy lingerie or your most comfortable pair of pajamas. Why not bring them to your Valentine shoot? As you explore new ways to pose in that outfit, it might just bring a spark to your bedroom the next time you wear that outfit.


Idea #4: Break Out a Jersey

west palm Syracuse boudoir photographer

It’s not just lingerie that has the potential to ignite a fire in either you or someone you love. Do you get fired up over a specific sports team? Whether it’s a shared passion for football or a deep and abiding love of hockey, if you and your partner enjoy watching or playing a sport together, break out that jersey for your Valentine’s shoot. You can put together some amazing, sultry images of you in just that jersey—and you and your partner will love looking back on them later. It might just change the way your partner looks at you when you wear that special outfit.

Idea #5: The Just for You Shoot

You don’t have to have someone special in your life to enjoy a fantastic Valentine’s photo shoot! If you’re ringing in another Valentine’s single, don’t pass up the chance to truly enjoy and celebrate yourself on this day. Valentine’s is a great excuse to feel your sexy best. Get dolled up with hair, makeup, and clothing that makes you feel your sexy best, then head in for a day of pampering and fun. You’ll have a wonderful time—and more than that, you’ll be able to focus on feeling special, rather than on missing out on someone special in your life. This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate you just for the sake of you, rather than feeling as though you have to do it for anyone else!

Idea #6: Use Your Favorite Accessories

west palm Syracuse boudoir photographer

There are a lot of great boudoir poses that involve a pearl necklace, but it’s not just pearls that can add a sexy spark to your boudoir shoot. What’s your favorite accessory? Is it a killer pair of heels? A necklace that perfectly reflects your personality? Break out those great accessories and show off your unique sense of style and flair in your boudoir shoot. Consider how you can integrate those accessories with your favorite lingerie or a great outfit that you have in mind for the shoot. If you’re stumped, talk about it with your photographer before the big day. Chances are, you’ll be able to find plenty of fantastic ways to integrate those favorite items into your boudoir shoot—and you may find that later, you’ll bring a special smile to your face whenever you look back at those items and remember your photo shoot.

Idea #7: Get Comfortable

Boudoir photography isn’t just about wearing sexy lingerie. Many women aren’t comfortable in traditional lingerie. Maybe you’ve never worn it before, or you’re not sure how to pose. Maybe there’s a part of your body that you just aren’t ready to show off for the camera. (Don’t worry—you’re not the only one!) In many cases, a comfortable sweater or your favorite pair of skinny jeans can be just as sexy as the most expensive lingerie. What’s your favorite outfit? Does it make you feel cute, comfortable, or beautiful? Bring it along to your shoot! In many cases, you’ll discover that those outfits are even sexier than lingerie for one key reason: they reflect the real you. Talk with your photographer about your outfit ahead of time. I’ve got lots of great pose ideas that show a hint of skin here, a touch of something erotic there, even in a warm sweater or your favorite fuzzy shirt.

Valentine’s Day: it’s the perfect opportunity for romance and a great chance to put together something extra sexy. Whether you’d like to put together a boudoir shoot as a gift or you’re interested in something extra special just for you, fill out my contact form today. I’d love to talk more with you about this amazing chance to show off your sexy side for the holidays.

west palm Syracuse boudoir photographer

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