Dear Fear,

Written By Tracy Litt, Mindset & Self-Love Expert

Dear Fear,

It’s not you. It’s me.  No, really, it’s me.

We’ve had an interesting run and ultimately, it’s not going to work. Our dynamic sucks.  It’s time for me to take personal responsibility and take my power back.

I have let you lead and control this relationship and it’s not healthy for me. It’s holding me back from my potential in life.  Not to mention, it’s not fair for you. I don’t want to be mean and hate you and wish you weren’t around.  It’s such a waste of energy!

And yes, I know what you’re thinking…you’re just trying to protect me. You want what you think is best for me.  You just want me to be safe.  And I appreciate that, truly.  The thing is, I want a hell of a lot more than that.

I want deep happiness, I want to grow, I want to thrive, I want to create a business and legacy that impacts thousands, then millions, I want to speak on big stages, I want to be a best-selling author. I want to say no and not feel like shit about it.  I want to put myself out there and not worry about what people will think.  I want to say yes and figure it out later. I want to make time to slow down and enjoy the moments, make time to nurture my soul and well-being.  I want to embrace and seek discomfort because I know the next levels of my awesomeness and fulfillment lay on the other side. And that’s just the beginning…

And I know that you are simply doing what comes natural.  And I also know that you will always be around because you’re a part of me and we have been together for our entire lives.

So, I’m redefining the terms of our relationship: (and no, it’s not negotiable and I’m not interested in your opinion…you’ve lead long enough and we’ve seen where that’s gotten us)

When you show up, I will acknowledge you and appreciate you, but I’m running the show. I will always know you have good intentions but truly no fucking idea what I want or what matters to me.

I will allow you to hang out and come along with me, but from now on, we sit on the same side of the table and you help me by using your energy to add confidence and conviction to what I want.  If you try to inflict any opposing thoughts, you won’t be allowed to hang out at all.  Are we clear? Good.

I know that every time I think about or do something unfamiliar or uncomfortable, it’s your tendency to make me afraid because you want me to stop. The thing is, I’m not in danger. I promise. It seems like danger to you, because you think everything’s going to kill me, but it’s not danger, it’s just new and uncomfortable.

And sure, if I’m ever in actual danger, like walking a dark alley or near a hot stove, you can take the lead. Otherwise, trust me. I am super powerful and I know where I want to be and where I’m trying to go.

You need to accept and embrace that I am seeking the unknown and the unfamiliar.  It’s the only way to create the life and business of my dreams! So, please get used to it, because it is not changing anytime soon and the bottom line is, I am more powerful than you.  And I’m not being mean, I simply letting you know the new lay of the land. The way our relationship is going to go from now on, because I refuse to tolerate anything less.

I also want to say thank you. Thank you for always looking out for me. For protecting me. For showing up at every possible tiny moment or situation where I wasn’t completely comfortable.  I always wondered why you never showed up to relax on the couch with me…I now know that it’s because I was safe and comfy, and you don’t like show your love for me unless you feel like somethings wrong.

So please know this, NOTHINGS WRONG. In fact, everything is right. So, super, exciting, awesomely right.

XOXO – Powerful, Limitless ME

  1. Sophia says:

    Wow! Thank you for writing. Did not have the best day and this definitely helped me see things differently.

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