Sexy Has No Expiration: 5 Reasons To Have A Milestone Glamour Session

Hello gorgeous!

It’s time to vamp up your year with a little more than just mistle-toes and eggnog! You’re a queen that needs a little reminder of just how sexy she is. If you haven’t heard the news yet, here it is. You are an absolute heartthrob and you need to flaunt it! Regardless of where you are in your journey as a woman, a Glamour session is something you absolutely deserve to experience. I know you’re craving a reason to book your milestone glamour photoshoot, so here are 5 reasons to sink your teeth into.

1. You’re Older, Wiser, and So Much Hotter

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You’ve been in the game for a while, and you know the ins and outs of your body like no one else. Every freckle and perfect curve is 100% yours and absolutely flawless.

Every year we change a little more, our bodies and minds alike. The woman you are today is not who you were 20 years ago, you’ve grown and changed in incredible ways.

You need to be proud of the divine woman that looks back at you in the mirror every day.

You’re experienced and bolder than you’ve ever been before and this is a chance to capture your flair and passion as you are here and now. A Glamour shoot is a perfect way to capture exactly where you are in life right now.

Like a fine wine, you’ve aged beautifully and it’s time to show off your incredible taste.  

I’d love to be apart of the YOU-party and capture all of that gorgeous on camera, so make sure to give me a call so we can start the planning!

2. It’s A Big Birthday

Speaking of parties…

Every birthday you have is an important one, but this year is a little more special. You’re hitting a milestone and it’s time to celebrate!

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Let’s try something a little more daring this year!

Slip out of your comfort zone for a little and have some fun. You’ll get to pose and model in front of the camera wearing gorgeous intimate apparel of your choice.

You owe your lovely self those birthday photos you’ve been promising you’d take for the last couple of birthdays… this is the year you finally say YES and have the glamour session of your dreams!

We both know this year has absolutely been one of your most fabulous yet, so make sure you flaunt it, girl!

Give me a call now and let’s talk about this perfect birthday glamour photoshoot and making it a reality! Let’s capture your yummier than Birthday Cake personality on camera this year and set the bar high for your follow up birthdays!

3. Surprising your Soul Mate with Something Big

You’ve been with your special someone for a while now and you want to show them that they make you feel just as many butterflies today as they did when you first laid eyes on them.

Don’t let age keep you from embracing your inner sexy, because I can promise you that when your lucky someone sees your pictures, they’ll find you absolutely stunning.

So don’t be shy!  Slip on your heels and slip into that cute lingerie outfit you’ve had on your mind for a while, and let’s capture your undeniable beauty on camera.

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4. You Need A You Day

From your hair to your makeup and all the stunning details in between, you will look absolutely flawless during your shoot. The best part about that? You won’t have to worry about a thing.

You’ll have a professional stylist take care of every eyelash and curl, so the only thing you’ll have to do about is showing up and be pampered.

You do so much, and hold uncanny similarities to the modern day Wonder Woman with such a hustle. That’s why you NEED to treat yourself to this well-deserved pampering experience! You’re a powerful woman who has grown into something quite exquisite.

Don’t deny yourself this opportunity to relax and embrace your perfect self. You deserve to enjoy this day that’s all about you!

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5. This is Your Year

You’ve made it through another long year with plenty of curveballs and plot twist surprises. Now it’s time to kick back and celebrate your SHE-ness!

These past 365 days have transformed you into the woman reading this page now. You’re curious about what it would feel like to be to pose in front of a camera looking gorgeous as ever, and it’s time for you to discover just that.

This 2019 is yours for the taking, let’s start it off right with the perfect glamour photoshoot.

I know that you might need to see your beauty to believe just how stunning you are and by the end of your session, you’ll walk away with jaw-dropping images that will keep you from ever questioning your goddess status again.

This blog is all about making sure you’re ready to strip down and slip into some sexy lingerie… and you’re totally ready.

At the end of your glamour photoshoot, you will have images to document this moment in your life that you can cherish in a different way than those numerous family portraits you might have. This glamour shoot is all about you.

The pictures you leave with are yours to decide what to do with, and yours alone. You can keep them and treasure them forever, or share them with whomever you’d like.

But during the session, I don’t want you to be worried about what the images are going to look like. Instead, I want you to savor the moments of your experience and surrender yourself to ecstasy of being the gorgeous woman you are.

Whatever it is your celebrating, whether a huge milestone, a major life change or just because, I would love to capture and celebrate you! Call me up whenever you’re ready lovely lady, let’s turn you into a bomshell.

boudoir photographer Syracuse tampa


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