I am so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Patreon page! Let me tell you, it’s going to be a whole adventure for our Bomshell Community. Because Bomshell is just that – a community of incredible people with stories, experiences, celebrations, ideas, hobbies, and more that need to be shared. Our fearless […]

Hello Bomshells! Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. Here we will be filling you in on all of the fun going on’s over here at the Bomshell Experience headquarters. The News: Our team has adopted a new member, our social media goblin Casey. To get her all of the videos her little heart desired we […]

Here at the Bomshell Experience, we aim to create more than just beautiful photos — we are actively adding to a ✨movement of SELF LOVE ✨ We want everyone (but especially women) to know their worth and undo the false programming that we are anything other than perfect, just as we are. Right now. In […]

When we, as women, get nervous or anxious, we make excuses. We make excuses about not loving ourselves, about not taking care of ourselves, and why we aren’t worth it. Sometimes, life is too busy, there’s too much going on at work, or we need to bring our kiddos to all of their activities. Sometimes, […]

We get asked all kinds of questions while helping Bomshells plan their sessions with us. We know it can be scary stepping outside of your comfort zone, so we put together this list of the 12 things we hear the most! • Do you share my images? •Your comfort is our number one priority. A […]

For our Bomshell of the Week this week, we’re featuring none other than the OG Bomshell herself – Caitlyn! Caity started photographing over 15 years ago. She began photographing weddings in College. She also photographed family and beauty portraits. We sat down with her to chat about how Bomshell started, and what Bomshell means to […]

Happy Monday Beautiful Bomshells! Check out of Bomshell of the week this week – Traci! Traci is Bomshell’s very own design extraordinaire! She is truly the lady behind the scenes who gives our Bomshell images just a bit of sprucing up and designs all of our amazing albums. She came to Bomshell because she needed […]

Kelly is this week’s Bomshell of the Week! She is another of our very own Bomsquad Team Members. Kelly is the Chief Operations Officer at Bomshell Studios! You probably talked to her when you booked your session. She may have even gone through your images with you, and she does a lot behind the scenes […]

Things are starting to heat up as we inch closer and closer to summer, and I couldn’t be more excited! As we wrap up our final month of spring, it’s time to start thinking about what there is to try out this season. Here are a few fabulous things to consider trying this summer if […]

Having your own boudoir session is an incredibly fun and exciting experience. It’s a day to relax, recharge, but most importantly, to have fun and celebrate yourself . My studio is a safe and judgment-free zone, making it the perfect place to express and love yourself without limits! To make sure you get the most […]