The Bomshell Vibe

Here at the Bomshell Experience, we aim to create more than just beautiful photos — we are actively adding to a ✨movement of SELF LOVE

We want everyone (but especially women) to know their worth and undo the false programming that we are anything other than perfect, just as we are. Right now. In this skin. At this size. At this age. 

Did you know that studies show that over 90% of women in the US suffer from lack of self confidence. The problem starts when we are young, with the pressure of media, and outdated beauty standards weighing down on little girls. By the time they are 13, 1 in 4 girls are already dealing with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to their bodies. 

At Bomshell, we know this is unacceptable.  

Our daughters should not have to suffer, they should know they are beautiful, unique humans with a value that is priceless. The best way to set them up for success is for us, as adults, to step up to the plate and start loving ourselves. Be the mentors, the role models, of self acceptance. 

There is nothing more radical than accepting yourself– in spite of today’s society, which loves to tell you otherwise. Let’s get radical, and change our vibe.

The Bomshell Vibe embodies these beliefs;

💜Extreme Body Positivity- We believe that every single person’s body is perfect, just as it is. There is never a need to “improve” before documenting it. All bodies are worth celebrating. 

💙Sex Education & Support- Different strokes for different folks! As long as all parties are consenting, who are we to yuck your yum!?

💜Radical Inclusivity- Bomshell is not just for cis women, we believe every single person can be a Bomshell, no matter their gender, presentation, race, or religion.

💙Smash the Patriarchy- We are redefining our values to no longer align with current patriarchal expectations. What’s this look like? 

🙅🏻‍♀️It means we are saying F&ck No to:

🚫Hustle over mental health

🚫Outrageous expectations for women to be constantly put together selfless caregivers

🚫Extreme forced gender binaries 

🎇🪩But a big F%ck yes to:

✅Questioning the status quo 

✅Redefining what sexy means to us 

✅Dressing however the fungi we want

✅Speaking in our true voice

✅Being as feral, loud, and brash as we please. 

A gentle reminder to our community. The journey to self acceptance is just that, a journey. Even the Bomshell team is actively working on walking the path to self love. If you would like to join us on the journey, head to our exclusive Facebook Group where you will find community, education, a book club, and much much more!

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