Bomshell Bulletin – Aug 2023

Hello Bomshells! Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. Here we will be filling you in on all of the fun going on’s over here at the Bomshell Experience headquarters.

The News:

Our team has adopted a new member, our social media goblin Casey. To get her all of the videos her little heart desired we held a content filming day. Eight hours, and countless amounts of belly laughter later we have two viral videos out in the world. With many more on deck. 

On Facebook Caity’s first posing video reached over 425k people! This is super encouraging to us, as we are so looking forward to sharing more educational content with the world.
You can find it by clicking here!

At Bomshell, we firmly believe that all bodies are beautiful. Over on TikTok almost 60k people agreed with us when we posted our team’s defense of Lizzo!


#stitch with @Andrew B WE SAID WHAT WE SAID

♬ Truth Hurts – Lizzo

Caitlyn– our fearless leader– sent out an email last week talking about what it felt like to go viral for the first time. 

Here’s a little snippet:

“I never expected this wild ride, but you know what? Authenticity wins every time! So let loose, don’t take yourself too seriously, and embrace those hilarious fart jokes. We’re all about being real and being YOU! So come join our boudoir portrait escapades, where laughter reigns supreme, and we celebrate the wonderful messiness of being human!”

Have you heard of the Body Neutrality vs Body Positivity debate?

“Body neutrality is the idea that we can still care for our bodies even if we don’t regard them positively. I don’t have to be happy with my body. I don’t have to love my body, but I can still acknowledge that this is the one body that I have. And so I need to be caring for that.” – Meredith Nisbet 

Loving your body 100% of the time is an impossible task to ask of a woman in this modern society. There are times when that feels like what the Body Positivity movement is asking us to do, and frankly it is exhausting

Body Neutrality is the idea that you don’t have to love your vessel all of the time, but let’s instead acknowledge that this is our only body and take care of it as best as we can. 

Want to hear more about this topic? Head over to our Patreon to learn about this new movement, and snag some printables to help rewire your brain.

Speaking of our Patreon…

Have you felt like you are missing a sense of community from your life? 

So did we! That’s why we created a safe space for our community to learn and grow together. 

The Bomshell Society is now on Patreon! 

  • LIT Book Club 
  • Downloadable art & mantras
  • NSFW galleries of our work
  • Bomshell 101, our new deep dive educational content 
  • Early access to exclusive sets and deals

… and so much more!

You can find our Patreon by clicking here! YAY!

We can’t wait to connect with you,
The BomSquad

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