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For our Bomshell of the Week this week, we’re featuring none other than the OG Bomshell herself – Caitlyn! Caity started photographing over 15 years ago. She began photographing weddings in College. She also photographed family and beauty portraits.

We sat down with her to chat about how Bomshell started, and what Bomshell means to her.

How did Bomshell Studios get started?

After a few years of photographing weddings, I had a bride ask if I would do a boudoir session for her to gift to her hubby-to-be on their wedding day. After that session, I truly found my niche. I loved how empowering it was and knew I wanted women everyone to feel that.

What does “Be a Bomshell” mean anyway?

It’s all about stepping into your own power and embracing your own definition of beauty. Our portrait sessions are really like no other. They force you to step out of your comfort zone in a safe, judgement-free space to bring out your true essence. No matter how you go into your session, you’ll leave feeling like the god or goddess (or alien) that you are.

Do you do your own boudoir sessions?

I think it’s important for me to remember what it feels like on both sides of the camera. It helps me (and the whole Bomsquad) continuously relate to and improve the experience we provide for our amazing Bomshells – whether it’s for Beauty, Branding or Boudoir portraits. Luckily, we have an amazing photographer in our girl, Tiff. Though I do believe it’s important to support my community of fellow photographers – I’ve been photographed by others all over the world!

Want to join the amazing community that Bomshell has created?

For Beauty: Click Here!
For Boudoir: Click Here!

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