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6 Looks to Consider for your Next Boudoir Session

Boudoir sessions are all about escaping your well-guarded comfort zone and embracing the best parts of yourself.

Sometimes finding the right inspiration for a look that’s “totally you” can be a bit hard to find. So here are some killer looks to try out during your next boudoir session that will totally highlight your incredible personality and features!


The Lady BossLady Boss Boudoir West Palm Boudoir

This look is for all my lovely ladies out there that absolutely love a professional look, and they want to show it off in their gorgeous boudoir images.

Imagine wearing a sexy blazer with a snug button down that shows off just the right amount of cleavage… or maybe no shirt at all. The possibilities with this look can be as daring and infamous as you’d like.

This is particularly one of my favorite looks when the session images are a gift for that special someone. I can promise that you’ll definitely look stunning enough to make a long lasting impression on anyone that has the privilege of seeing your final images.


Sporty Look for West Palm Beach BoudoirThe Sporty Chick

To all my sports fans and athletic ladies out there, this one’s all about you!

I want you to bring out your favorite sports jersey, t-shirt, booty shorts, or any other memorabilia you want to show off during your boudoir session!

Does the hubby like football, basketball, soccer, ect.? Well maybe take things a bit further and bring in their sportswear for the session.

Nothing looks hotter to a sports fan than their favorite gal showing off their favorite team while looking incredibly sexy(This definitely makes a fabulous birthday gift!).

No one can work that outfit or pose quite like you can. Bringing in things that you love just make the boudoir session all the more unique and personal! So if you can already see yourself slaying at my session in a jersey, this is definitely the look for you!

The Tom BoyTomboy Look for West Palm Beach Boudoir

Whoever said boudoir had to be all pink and fluff?

Your look can be whatever you want it to be, and if you feel like bringing out your biker jacket, a white t-shirt, and some cute simple panties, then make sure you wear them and rock your incredible look!

If you have any props or items that are totally you, then make sure to bring them as well! I’d love to snap some pictures of you casually reading a comic or holding a gaming remote!

If you need any help deciding what you should bring or what items would fit this look for your boudoir session, just let me know! I’d be more than happy to talk about it over the phone!

Au Natural Look for West Palm Beach Boudoir

Au Natural

So this one is definitely one for the books, for obvious reasons. And while this look is definitely bold, it’s might not necessarily be what you think.

While I do encourage you to show off as much skin as you’d like, you don’t really have to show anything you don’t want to. Most of it can be implied! We can angle and pose you in ways that show off your stunning curves without all the rest. We can even cover you in materials you might want to bring from home!

You’d look absolutely darling wrapped in a white sheet or lace!

For my ladies who may want to show it all off, we can absolutely do that too—whatever you’re comfortable with!

Country Gal

Southern Bell Look for West-Palm Beach Boudoir Session

Embrace your inner southern bell with a look as fabulously country as you’d like.

This look leaves room for a little creativity and fun! So grab your favorite accessories, and let’s get this show on the road!

Imagine how gorgeous you’d look in a tied up plaid shirt, some daisy dukes, and your favorite set of boots! If you have one, a cowgirl hat would definitely be the icing on the cake for this getup!

If there are any props you wanted to bring, they are also welcome! Just let me know beforehand so we can make sure to properly incorporate it into your session!

And if you’re not sure what to bring, give me a call and we can chat about what ideas and questions you have for your boudoir session. I promise you I won’t think any of it’s silly! Every woman is beautifully unique, and their session should showcase that. So don’t be afraid to open up and embrace the look you really want for your boudoir experience!

TOTAL Bomshell

Now, this look is for all my bold and daring ladies out there that are dying to make a statement.

The leather jacket, spiked bra, and tall heels duo definitely creates an unforgettable look. You can play around with any bold accessories you have to make this look your own!

If you need some more inspiration, check out my blog all about boudoir outfit trends for this 2019 and, of course, you can always ask me!

Playful Sweetheart

Girl Next Door Look Boudoir West Palm Beach Boudoir

So this boudoir look is definitely one that channels a “girl next door” mood.

If this is your first boudoir session, or you’re just not a fan of showing too much skin, this is absolutely a style I recommend!

Oversized sweaters, jackets, and t-shirts are key with this look. We can angle and position you in playful poses that reveal just enough to tease! Your bottoms can be any pair of panties or shorts you’ve been wanting to try on!

Props such as hipster glasses and your favorite books are also a fun way to add to this look! You can also raid your closet and room for things that are distinctively you and bring them to your boudoir session if they’re something you know you’d want to show off in your final images!

Don’t be afraid to try a look you’re interested in, but haven’t tried out before! Boudoir is all about exploring new sides of yourself and discovering more about what makes you feel beautiful. As long as you’re out there having fun, nothing else really matters.

I would love to make your vision for your own fabulous shoot a reality. So feel free to give me a call so that we can talk out all the darling little details for your perfect shoot today! You deserve to feel as incredible as you look, and a boudoir session is a perfect way to do just that.

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    • Cyndi McDonald says:

      I guess I would have to be a cross between the playful sweetheart and tomboy. Not so much the motorcycle type but the leather coat babydoll.

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