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Strength and Vulnerability

Jane Garcia-Deale
Mom, Bonus Mom, Aunt, Nurse, Marketer, Gym Rat, etc….

I have three very important little ladies at home, my daughters, plus my niece and my boyfriend’s daughter. These women range in ages from 8 to 23 and they inspire me to stay motivated, passionate and inspired.

Whether I want the job of “Mother” or not, I have it and it’s a very important one. My job is to inspire these little women to be the best that they can be. They must learn to stand firm, be a boss, be passionate about everything they do, ask questions, to not be afraid, admit mistakes (they teach us what not to do again and make us stronger), listen, and listen some more, think outside the box, to not be afraid of becoming a leader instead of a follower, be persistent, to not let anyone tell them they can’t have it or can’t achieve it, keep challenging themselves, to ask for help, be passionate and last, but not least, lower their shields.


Sometimes by being too strong we accidentally emasculate those around us. We are strong, independent women but must understand that to have a good significant-other by our side the guard must come down just enough to realize that he/she is our equal. Yes, we understand we don’t need anyone because we are self-sufficient, but we are fully aware when we want someone who is worth our time and is at our level or above; someone who can only help us rise higher than where we stand.

These tips have helped me live happily-ever-after with zero complaints about life. Shit happens and comes my way all the time, but it’s how I handle it that makes me who I am. It’s how I handle it that will teach my daughters, bonus daughter and niece how to handle their shit when it spews their way. If I let it defeat me and allow myself to fall into a rut they will do the same. The worst thing for a parent is to watch their child suffer, or be defeated, by something. So we must teach them the tools they need now when they are little and super absorbent to survive.

“…She flies with her very own wings…”


  1. Yaidis says:

    I am a witness to how amazing you are. Your daughters have the best example of what being strong is all about.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love you to the moon! You are beautiful on the inside and out mama!!!! You inspire me 💜

  3. Maria says:


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