7 Boudoir Outfit Trends to Try this 2019

This 2019 is totally your year, and I want to make sure you absolutely rock it with the perfect boudoir outfit. 

I know that life can definitely get hectic sometimes and thinking about ourselves feels like an impossible luxury… but it shouldn’t! You deserve to feel your best every day, and that starts with making sure you dedicate a little time to showing yourself some LOVE!

A boudoir session is definitely a great way to celebrate yourself in all the ways that matter most. That’s why I’m so excited to share these 7 boudoir outfit trends that will totally make your year!

A Fabulously Styled Bralette 

Best West Pam Beach Boudoir Photographer

A gorgeous bralette is definitely a must have in your lingerie arsenal. It can be paired with just about anything and goes well with pearls and other sparkly accessories!

There are so many gorgeous styles, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. Some of my favorite places  to look are and Victoria’s Secret.

You can really get creative with your boudoir outfit by throwing in different bottoms and props…

Why not try out some short jean shorts left unbuttoned with a pair of boots and some plaid for a darling cowgirl look?

Or maybe model in a pair of matching panties, pearls, and sky-high heels for a stunning and timeless look every time.

Don’t be afraid to play dress up at home and find what you really love seeing yourself in. Knowing how amazing you look in your boudoir outfit before hand is just another way to make sure you have a flawless session.

A Darling Little Babydoll7 Incredible Boudoir Outfit Trends

You really can’t go wrong with a sweet and simple babydoll piece.

It’s elegant, flattering, and is a great option if you’d prefer not to show as much skin. This is still a sensual and romantic boudoir outfit choice and can be as revealing and playful as you want!

There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from, and there’s something for every body type. I definitely recommend grabbing one (or two)  of these just to have at home!

Imagine gifting your stunning images to that special someone while wearing one of these gorgeous pieces. They’ll absolutely love the fact that they get to see the real thing looking just as incredible in person.

The High Heels and Garter Belt Duo

Nothing puts you on top of the world like the right pair of high heels…


Heels make your legs look absolutely amazing and give you a little added confidence to turn up the sass and really own your shoot.

Throw in a garter belt, and you become virtually unstoppable. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

There’s just something entirely romantic and sexy about a woman who radiates sensuality, and this duo definitely brings out that side of you.

If you already have a pair of heels in mind and want another excuse to adorn them, strut them right over here gorgeous! Pairing them with a black garter belt and some darling accessories will absolutely create a stunning final look!

7 Incredible Boudoir Outfit TrendsThe Sexy Corset

However you choose to put it, corsets are a timeless boudoir ESSENTIAL and look incredible on just about everyone.

If you’re looking for more defined curves and a little bit of tummy support, you definitely want to add this to your lingerie collection. Plus, they’re just plain sexy.

Depending on your body’s shape, you can try out different styles to find one that looks perfect on you!  Have fun searching and shopping, and of course, you’re welcome to ask me if you have any questions while on the search!

Give me a call today and let’s talk about your dream boudoir outfit and session!

Best West Pam Beach Boudoir Photographer The Basic Bra-and-Panties Set

Your go-to’s can be just as stunning and sensual as a brand new lingerie set. Don’t be afraid to pull them out for your session, especially if you already know just how good you look in them.

Posing in lingerie you’re already comfortable with will make the session just a little bit easier to ease into, without taking away any of the sexy.

So go ahead, grab that Calvin Klein set you’ve been slaying in since 2017. I’m sure it’ll look just as amazing on you, if not better, this 2019.

Lace and Pearl AccessoriesBest West Pam Beach Boudoir Photographer

There really is no wrong way to incorporate them into your outfit. Whether you want subtle earrings, an elegant necklace, or even stunning embellishments on your outfit, pearls are timeless and add that slight hint of 1940’s flare that completes any look, perfectly.

You can get a little mysterious and maybe just a tad bit daring with a lace mask and matching cuffs. Lace can be sexy or classy (or both) depending on how you have it adorn your body.

Pair your pearl accents with lace and you’ve created an absolutely stunning boudoir outfit duo.

You decide exactly what you want to say, and I’ll be sure the person that looks at your images hears every word. So make sure you give me a call, you’re ready to rock your boudoir session and I want to make sure you do!

7 Incredible Boudoir Outfit TrendsThe Jersey Game Changer

I haven’t forgotten about my sporty Bomshells out there who might want to show off some team spirit or their hubby’s tee.

For all my sporty ladies out there, grabbing your favorite sports team apparel and posing in your panties, or some really cute booty shorts, is just as sexy as any piece of lingerie.

Bring any props that might add to the aesthetic. Maybe a carefully placed football and tied up jersey is just the thing to get your special someone’s heart racing…

Boudoir has no set rules or style you need to follow. Boudoir sessions are literally just owning your beauty and embracing your femininity.

Many of the gorgeous women that come into my studio end up coming back again and again. And I get to see them explore their boundaries and try out new looks and styles that they absolutely ROCK every time.

There are so many ways to absolutely slay this 2019, so don’t wait to start trying them out! Schedule your boudoir consultation now, and let’s make this year your most fabulous yet.


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