12 Ways to Make This New Year Your Year

Every New Year’s is an opportunity for a fresh start: a chance to start over, to try things differently, to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. You don’t have to believe in making a big resolution every year to make the most of this fresh opportunity. Are you ready to make this year your year? Try these 12 great ways!

1. Know What You Want

Do you tend to drift through the year, not quite sure what you’re going to do next? This year, drift with purpose! Take the time to sit down and list out your resolutions for the coming year. You don’t have to make big resolutions; instead, simply acknowledge the things you want to accomplish between now and the end of the year. Where would you really like to be as you ring in 2020? When you know what you want, you’ll find that you’re in a better position to reach those resolutions.

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2. Create a Plan

You know what you want. Now, create a plan that will help you get there. Write out little milestones that will help you achieve your resolutions in the coming year. Break it down into manageable parts. Ideally, you want to assign a timeline, but don’t get too bent out of shape if you miss your deadline. Instead, try again and keep working toward those resolutions.

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3. Build Your Confidence

To make this year your year, make sure you’ve got the confidence to handle it with style! A sexy photo shoot, whether you opt for a boudoir shoot or a glamour shoot, is a great way to increase your confidence and make you feel more capable of handling anything this year might throw at you. A great New Years resolution.

4. Count the Positives

It’s easy to get bogged down by the things that aren’t going your way. Instead, however, focus on the things that are going right in your life. What have you got going for you? What’s working out just the way you had hoped? Take a look at the things that are going just right and focus on building those things. During your boudoir shoot, for example, you get the chance to focus on the positives of your body and feeling sexy, instead of on your perceived faults. This simple shift in focus can make it easier to keep your eye on the prize and focus on the best parts of the coming year.

5. Dress It Up

Whether you love getting dolled up for a special occasion or you’re more comfortable in jeans and a flannel shirt. There’s something special about getting dressed up and feeling your best. This year, take the time to put together your favorite outfit and get dressed up to look your best. You’ll find that the confidence boost goes a long way!

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6. Look at the Past

What did you accomplish this past year that you’re proud of? Even if 2018 was the worst year on record, chances are, there are some bright spots in there somewhere. Take a look at those important moments so that you can build on them next year.

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7. Put Down Your Phone

It’s easy to get lost in technology—so much so that sometimes, it’s hard to remember how to really interact with the world around us. If you want to have a better 2019, however, create specific times when you’ll put down your phone and engage with the world around you. Talk in person with friends and family. Really pay attention to what you’re doing. You can even let yourself be bored from time to time! You’ll discover that this gives you a fresh outlook on your entire life—and makes you feel more connected to people.

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8. Get Up Earlier

When you get up late, you’ll spend your entire day feeling behind and rushed. Take a look at your morning schedule. Would you benefit from 10, 15, or 20 extra minutes? Set your alarm a little earlier, then use that time to tackle the items on your To Do list or simply to make your morning run a little smoother.

9. Set Daily Resolutions

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It’s easy to let the day get away from you. Use some of your extra time in the morning to write out a list of things that you’d like to accomplish over the course of the day. This short list will allow you to more effectively guide your day and keep you from missing out on the opportunity to accomplish bigger resolutions.


10. Fall in Love with Exercise

All too often, as women, we exercise to punish ourselves for what we’ve eaten. Change your perspective! Instead, exercise because you’re celebrating what your body is able to do. Find a type of exercise that you love, whether it’s a barre class, kickboxing, or yoga. Do the type of exercise you love, not the type that someone else thinks you’re supposed to do.

11. Give Yourself Permission to Do Something Special Now

Do you have a bottle of champagne that you haven’t even cracked open because you keep thinking that you’ll save it for an eventual “someday special?” Do you have bath and body products that you haven’t ever used because they’re “too special?” What about that special thing that you’ve been putting off: a trip that you’re waiting for the perfect person to take a long with you, a boudoir shoot, an opportunity you’d like to take, but have never quite embraced? This year, give yourself permission to do something special, even if it’s for no reason at all. Sometimes, that special something is reason enough—and you’re worth it!

12. Save Up for a Big Goal

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Do you need to buy a new vehicle? Is there a special trip you want to take? This year, commit to putting a little money back from every paycheck to make it happen. Even $20 at a time can quickly add up to something big by the end of the year. Take control, set real resolutions, and make them a reality!

2019 is your year—and I’d like to help you embrace your sexy, confident inner beauty. Contact me today to set up a fantastic boudoir shoot that will help you build your confidence—or just check an item off of your bucket list.

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