5 Life Lessons I Learned While Shooting Boudoir

 Boudoir photography has transformed the way I define beauty and how I look at myself and the women around me. And over the years, I’ve learned so much about what it means to share such intimate experiences with women from all walks of life. 

During my career, I’ve picked up on a few things that have served me greatly as both a woman and a photographer. Now, I’ll be sharing the top 5 life lessons I’ve learned to give you a better look at what it really means to be a boudoir photographer.

Communication is Key

Stunning Curvy Woman Laying-in Lingerie During West Palm Beach Boudoir Photography Session

This is a practice I utilize every day, and in every one of my photoshoots.

You can expect that I’ll verbally guide and pose you throughout your boudoir photography session, with care, to make sure you look absolutely darling in all your images, but I go much further than that.

I’ll make sure we talk and learn about each other both, before and during your session, so you know that you’re 100% in good company. I’ll even crack a few jokes whenever I need you to smile because I want this experience to be genuine and fun for you!

You can expect clear instructions and guidance throughout your session, and plenty of tips and suggestions before your session to make sure you’re ready to go when the big day finally rolls around.

All my photoshoots revolve around one thing, and that’s you, the gorgeous gal in front of the camera. And that’s why I want to make sure your boudoir photography session is a smooth and comfortable experience for you.

Beautiful Woman in Purple Sweater During West Palm Beach Boudoir Photography Session

Trust Takes Time

Every woman is different, but the general rule of thumb is that people open up at their own pace, and this type of trust really does take time.

Some ladies are able to open up almost immediately, while others might take a few poses and outfits to warm up, and that’s absolutely fine.

I know that a boudoir shoot exposes more than just your body. It unveils parts of yourself that you might not have recognized before, and sharing this with someone new can be hard.

But I’ll be there to help you embrace the parts of yourself you want to discover and explore.

The truth is, while a boudoir photoshoot might only last a few hours, but the stunning images we capture will last for a lifetime. That’s why I value the time we share and let you open up at your own pace.

If you feel like embracing your sensuality and revitalizing your confidence in a boudoir photography session, you are absolutely in great hands with me! Schedule a time for us to chat and let’s get you started on your transformation into a gorgeous Bomshell!

Beautiful Woman in Button Down Shirt During West Palm Beach Boudoir Photography Session

Angles Matter

Any photographer that doesn’t twist, turn, squat, lunge, or get into any other weird positions during your session, isn’t trying hard enough to get the best you possible.  

To put it simply, every woman’s body is unique. And if you try and “cookie cut” the 7 same poses and angles for every woman, you aren’t going to capture them at their best.

I take this to heart when it comes to making sure I do what it takes to get the best from people in, and out of the studio. The extra effort pays off every time.

I genuinely enjoy seeing the positive emotional impact my work has on women when they finally get to see how stunning they look in front of the camera. I want to make sure every woman sees who they are and what they represent in every picture and pose.

That’s why I make sure to go above and beyond during each boudoir photography session so that I can create impactful memories and an experience that makes a difference in the lives of the women that come into my studio.

Beautiful Woman Feeling Confident During West Palm Beach Boudoir Photography Session

Every Experience is Unique

The emotional impact and takeaways from each session are unique to each woman that comes in for their boudoir photo shoot.

There really are so many ways a boudoir photography session can go, but the point is to make sure each encompasses whatever it is you. It’s 100% your choice when it comes to booking the session and deciding what you want it to be.

You are absolutely gorgeous, from head to toe, and you should never feel like you have to hide it away from anyone. I want to help you capture your vision and unique personality during your fabulous boudoir session.

Give me a call and lets book your boudoir photography session today so you can express yourself and say what you need to say with some fun poses and a look that could stun.

Capturing a Woman’s Essence is Privilege

Beautiful Woman Laying in Lingerie During West Palm Beach Milestone Boudoir Photography Session

I’ve seen countless women struggle with accepting themselves and their body because they feel they’re any less than beautiful.

But I’ve also been able to see them blossom into more confident and self-loving women.

Being a boudoir photographer means I get to be a part of something much bigger. Not many people have the privilege of helping women discover their inner beauty in the ways I have.

That in itself is one of the most rewarding parts of shooting the gorgeous women that come into my studio. I get to see them transform in front of the camera with a fresh outlook on life.

And even after their boudoir photography session has ended, they’ll have their final images to take home and keep as a reminder of just how stunning they are.

I feel incredibly lucky that I can help women see just how stunning they are during their boudoir session, and I hope I get to keep doing this for many more years to come!

So here’s to the gorgeous women that have already made over to my studio to embrace their beauty, as well as to all those women out there who are on their way to rediscovering themselves.

I’m ready when you are!  Schedule a boudoir photography consultation with me today and let’s begin your journey to uncovering your hidden confidence and sensuality.

  1. Cyndi McDonald says:

    I love reading all of these articles. I’m one of those who don’t really enjoy ppl looking at my body so I will be one of those woman who need time to open up. I’m looking forward to my appointment even though it’s way off in October.

  2. Brooke says:

    Well thankyou very much I would love that how much is it and where is your location?

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