Feature Friday: Sasha Moore

Feature Friday: Sasha Moore, Makeup Artist
written by, Lacey Roy, freelance writer

As bright as she is stunning, Sasha Moore is one of those women you want to grab coffee with and just listen to. With an understated yet classic style, Sasha’s heart is felt in every topic and subject spoken of. Whether laughing about her craziest and most memorable moments, or lessons she has learned through listening to others, her passion and zeal for life centers around people. Sasha’s family is her first priority and whom she cherishes the most, but a close second are her clients as well as people she meets on any given day.

Art can be found through various mediums and for Sasha, makeup and hair were art mediums even at her true beginning. In 1997, Sasha’s Jr. Prom updo was a structure, seeing past the hair and pins she likened the updo to a sculpture and realized she could do this too, and better. “I’m literally watching and going, ‘I can do that! I can do it better, not to be an ass, I just can!’” The following year she was doing her friends’, as well as her own, sculptured up-do’s. What forever caught Sasha’s love though, was color.

Attending art school, Sasha not only made the President’s List, but Phi Beta Kappa as well, with the attitude of excelling at everything, and she couldn’t get enough. “I took art history, a lot of drawing courses, color theory, and I used all of those things when I learned makeup. You’d be surprised how much shading and line work goes into makeup the same as in true art.”

Falling madly in love with color solidified Sasha’s passion for makeup and knew this was her calling. “I believe the Creator gives everybody gifts and sometimes we know them right away and sometimes it takes us a while to see them. But when it’s your gift it is not only enjoyable for you to do, you automatically have a natural knack for it.” As a single mom, she needed to take her time investing into the palettes and tools of a seemingly expensive industry. Starting basic learning from experts in the field, motivational speakers when the going was rough, and through her formal education of art, she has grown to being one of the experts.

As passionate is she is in her field, it seems impossible to imagine an area she is even more passionate about, but when she talks about her kids and husband it’s clear everything else pales in comparison. When asked about the wedding vows she wrote, she immediately tears up, “if I wanted to be stuck in a time period it would be now, I’m so stinkin’ happy.”

Sasha’s heart peeking through everything she does and says refreshes your soul. From the way she sets her prices, client focused and fair, to her independent fierceness, Sasha presents herself in a way that is purely Sasha, absolutely gorgeous and stunning from the inside-out.

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