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Meet Tiff | Bomshell of the Week

Our Bomshell of the week is another one of our amazing Bomsquad members! Say “hello” to our photographer, Tiff! Tiff has been photographing for well over 10 years. She has captured a variety of subjects including still life, pets, families, events and tons more! Tiff is an animal and book lover, who also enjoys long walks in the woods and collecting fancy rocks and crystals! Halloween is her absolutely favorite holiday (so SUPER appropriate for today). Tiff loves all things dark and spooky. In photographing with Bomshell, she hopes to see people comfortable enough to show her a little of their “darker” sides!

We sat down with her to get a little nosey about her career with Bomshell! Check it out!

How did you hear about Bomshell?

Lisa, a family friend that I have been photographing for years had a session with Bomshell and couldn’t stop raving about it! She let me know that Bomshell was hiring a second photographer. I was instantly interested and applied for the job!

What drew you to become a Bomsquad team member?

Bomshell is such an amazing team of women that supports not only their clients, but also each other. Plus, a full-time photography gig where I can do what I love? Sold!

How long have you been photographing people?

I’ve been snapping pictures of people for over 15 years! And I still love it.

What is the best part about being behind the camera?

Being able to show others sides of themselves that they don’t normally get to see, and being able to capture a moment they will cherish for a lifetime. It’s something special.

What about being in front of the camera for your own session?

I was definitely nervous. I’m way more used to being on the other side of the camera. But it didn’t take long for me to get comfortable after seeing how the images were turning out! It’s exactly why I show them so often during a shoot to make sure I’m capturing what our Bomshells are looking for.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I love everything Halloween! Dark and moody is definitely my vibe. Anything that’s nerdy or geeky too – books, video games, crystals, tarot, DND, I love it all!

Want to be on the other end of Tiff’s camera?

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