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Meet Tessah | Bomshell of the Week

It’s Monday again! And that means it’s time for our Bomshell of the Week!

This week, it’s our very own Bomshell Outfit Queen, Tessah! What you may not know, though, is Tessah wears a few hats here in our Bomsquad world. She’s not just the Outfit Queen that helps all of our amazing Bomshells plan their sessions (whether it’s outfits, hair and makeup, props and sets, etc). She’s also the head of our Human Resources department – basically, she’s in charge of keeping the whole Bomsquad in line (and she does an amazing job at it)!

She came to Bomshell after doing her own session! We sat down and chatted with her about why she wanted her own Bomshell Experience, and what drew her to stay here forever!

What made you decide to start looking into a boudoir session?

I always wanted to do something like a boudoir session. It seemed really empowering, but also a fun way to see myself the way I wished teenage Tessah could.

How did you hear about Bomshell?

I heard about Bomshell through google! I was so hellbent on having a photoshoot that I just googled “photographers in my area” and BAM Bomshell was the first search result.

Did you have any expectations about your first session?

The only thing I expected about my experience was to get some great photos of myself, but I got so much more!

What was your first session like? How did you feel when you first saw your images?

My first session was so much more than I had ever thought a photoshoot could be! I felt comfortable as soon as I walked through the doors and starting chatting with Sasha. After she glammed me up, Caity took her time going through poses and sets with me. I was really nervous because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of different poses, but Caity was super patient, demonstrated all the poses, and joked with me the whole time! It was great!

Has your session had an effect on your life? How?

Have a session with Bomshell really helped me realize that I can do things for myself without having to justify them. “Because I wanted to” is a perfect acceptable answer to do something you wouldn’t typically do.

What drew you to become a Bomsquad team member?

I wanted to become a member of the Bomsquad to help other people along their journeys, no matter where they are. There are so many reasons not to put yourself first, that I wanted to be part of the reason why people learned how to, without apology.

Want to have Tessah help out with your outfits for your own session?

For Beauty: Click Here!
For Boudoir: Click Here!

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