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Meet Olga | Bomshell of the Week

Olga, our featured Bomshell of the Week, is one of our very own Bomsquad Team members! She has a key role in several areas of the Bomshell Experience – she is one of our hair and makeup stylists, a member of our Social Media team, AND is part of our Art Department! (Can you say triple threat?!?) Her art is displayed in a few places around the studio, AND she is an OFFICIAL Bomshell Partner so you can have the chance to own original art pieces of your Bomshell Images. (Check out these amazing pieces that she created from Bomshell Portraits!)

Art was Olga’s first love and she has incorporated it into her whole life! Olga studied at Delta State University in her college years, but dropped everything to aid her Ukrainian Grandmother and Great Grandmother. She brought her boyfriend, Ty, and their cat from Mississippi to New York where she continued her commissions, and gained a license in Esthetics and Nails for her passion of beauty.

We sat down with Olga and quizzed her about what brought her to Bomshell, and why she stuck around to join our team!

What made you decide to start looking into a boudoir session?

I moved from MS to NY at the drop of a hat, changed just about everything about my life and started beauty school. I was fresh out on my own after graduating. I’ve very often struggled with self-confidence and always had an interest in boudoir. Oddly enough, I felt cooped up during and after the pandemic, I lost 30 pounds, and I wanted to celebrate all of my accomplishments that COVID had diminished and help boost the confidence that I was looking for.

How did you hear about Bomshell?

I searched “boudoir” on Google in Syracuse. Bomshell was the first to pop up and it was so eye-catching! The consultation I had was so warm and inviting, I was hooked!

Did you have any expectations about your first session?

I had no prior experience with a real photoshoot so I had no clue what to expect. Certainly never anticipated having such a connection to all the girls behind the scenes and how much guidance I was given, along with the flexibility of using my own creativity. I brought a bouquet of flowers as a prop!

What was your first session like? How did you feel when you first saw your images?

I was a little nervous. I’d never had someone style me before and Sasha (one of our other hair and makeup stylists) quickly reassured me, and I was absolutely flabbergasted that she was able to recreate the vision I explained to her! I jumped right into my session and Caitlyn directed me with ease and made sure I was beyond comfortable. Seeing the images was like seeing myself in a whole new light and my expectations were far exceeded!

Has your session had an effect on your life? How?

When I left, I felt glowing and inspired. I started a self portrait of one of my favorite images. The girl checked in with me and I felt like they stayed involved in my life ever since the session and I felt very supported!

What drew you to become a Bomsquad Team Member?

During my session, I was very open about my passions (like art) and that I was going through licensing so I could pursue my other passion of makeup. I finished my self portrait then gifted the studio the piece. I started with some wedding work, and shortly after, Caitlyn reached out to me with the opportunity to show my makeup work for a stylist position!

You’re also a Bomshell Partner who owns her own business! What do you do?

I am an Artist that specializes in painting photo realism! I take photos and put them onto canvas with layers of acrylic. I love to breathe life into a captured moment by my attention to detail and using brushstrokes strategically. I take inspiration from a photo and make it a special keepsake that has a unique quality to it. There are endless possibilities to be created and I am more than excited to showcase my abilities!

Take a peek at the artist at work!

Check out Olga’s Business Matryoshka Creations here!

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