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Let’s Talk Mom-Bod

About 10 months ago, I made myself a promise to get healthier. It was two weeks before my 39th birthday and I was drowning myself in a bag of chips, lamenting and waxing poetically about the last year of my 30’s. I looked at my not-quite-3 year old, a miracle child we never thought we would have, and knew that I had to be healthier for her.

So I started a workout routine. I drank less alcohol, drank more water, and started to eat healthier. I kept at it and at it; I refrained from cake and measured my foods. And yet, the weight still didn’t really change. I was feeling defeated and sad. I started to eat cake again.

Then, a friend added me to the private “Be a Bomshell VIP Group” Facebook page (click here to join!). I joined a group of crazy dedicated, super supportive, and positive women. I looked at all the pictures awaiting a new #TushieTuesday picture with breath held. These women are like me! They are perfectly imperfect, and gorgeous in each photo. Their smiles and confidence shine through. And the comments! The comments from the women in the group blow me away; they are empowering, uplifting, and supportive. It’s like a virtual ladies room in your favorite local bar at 1:30 (you know what I’m talking about!)

I started to accept my Mom-Bod.

I was 36 when I gave birth. That experience “later” in life, coupled with hormonal changes and metabolism changes was a perfect belly-fat storm! I still do my sit-ups and workouts, I walk to and from work each day, and I still eat salads every day. But I do it because I WANT to, and I want to be here (and healthy) for my crazy busy toddler. I do it to feel good, but also knowing that I have a place where I can post about my shitty eating/weight day and not feel judged. I have lost over 10 pounds after bouncing back, and I am still a work in progress.

I also booked a session with the magical Caity, which is coming up soon! I had a goal to focus on with workouts and eating plans, and that goal was/is to feel confident enough to pose half naked! In October, I will stand in front of the camera and smile, confident and resolute. My body may not be “perfect” by whatever crazy standard I have or others may have; but it is mine. I embrace all of it. I relish that this Mom-Bod carried a miracle, still sneaks chocolate, and is more confident than it was in her 20’s. Embrace your own Mom-Bod, or your non Mom-Bod, be kind to yourself, and do something for you. That’s what I take away from this year “39”. And, if you are having a rough day, I always have cake on hand.

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