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Big and Beautiful

guest blogger Karen Sawyer


Society makes us believe that we are only beautiful if we are the unhealthiest skinny with “perfect” looks. From models to TV shows, and to advertising, society portrays what beautiful “should be”. Society is wrong. We need to learn that beauty is more than the outward appearance.

I grew up thinking I wasn’t beautiful, I was constantly on a diet watching shows on how to be pretty. Why? Because I was a big girl and felt as ugly as could be. It took a lot of heartache in my life before I was reminded that beauty comes from within.

I met a man who taught me beauty is so much more than what a person sees. My fiancé, whom recently passed away, was always telling me that I was the most beautiful person he had ever known. I would scoff, “Yeah right!” To me that was a line like no other… I was wrong.

Living in today’s society, his words fell short. He showed me that beauty came from loving his children, taking care of him, and being strong when I was dealing with immense pain. He praised me even when I felt no reason to be praised.

His unexpected death created the catalyst that made me open my mind and eyes. I’m big. So what, my size doesn’t matter anyway. I am beautiful from the core, and outward. My friends and family have been telling me they see more of the real me coming out, even after his death.

My fiancé continues to gently bring who I truly am to the forefront, even without him physically here to remind me. He loved me no matter what I looked like and his love validated what I should have known all these years ago.

Today I am who I want to be: happy, confident, and beautiful. No one can take that from me as long as I don’t let them. People who live only by society’s rules miss out on being themselves, or being with people that are awesome through and through. I have a “can do, will do” attitude. Yes, I use that attitude every day in my life. I no longer sit and wait; if I want something in life, I go for it. I can do it and will do it.

If someone can love me like that, then why can’t I? Well I can and I do. I don’t have the perfect smile or the whitest teeth. Curves? Yes, I have many! That just gives more of me to love. Forget society and the haters. Love yourself like you want to be loved and you will shine above the rest. You can and you will!

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